It has been a common notion that any business or profession cannot exist without an office space. But in today’s digital world, a business does not need an office space to be run but rather a full-fledged working website. A company’s work and services can be easily accessed through a website, sitting anywhere in the world. Its scope broadens and its root grows further deep into the business conglomerate. Even independent professionals, students, full-time professionals can now create their own digital offices and portfolios.

Website building does not necessarily require a developer, one can easily create one using WordPress. A perfect creation cannot be weaved out without a welcoming base to be weaved upon. And hence one requires engaging themes for their website, which are available in ample amount on WordPress. Most of the professional themes are paid for on WordPress. Due to this ‘fact’, many people are skeptical about venturing into the free domain, fearing that they might be created by amateurs. But we are here to erase all your fears and present to you the top 10 free themes of 2018. So let’s begin.

The Restaurant Theme (type: Food):

This simple and elegant theme will help promote your culinary business. The items of food in your cart can be beautifully decorated on this website, attracting customers.It goes great with sites promoting coffee shops, snack bars, family restaurant and other eating hangouts. This theme incorporates a Dropdown Menu, Google Maps, Custom page templates, a calendar, and some very impressive Google Web Fonts. The items can be easily scrolled about and the website is responsive. But it is advised that you don’t miss out on the documentation of this site. The theme is WPML- ready which means users from around the world can access it due to its language translation tool, breaking all language barriers. And the plus point is that it is SEO ready.

Photography theme (type: Photography):

This beautiful and entirely responsive theme comes with a modern look which helps attract many customers. It is used especially in the customization of dating, photography, art, fashion, beauty, wedding and interior design websites. It is again WPML certified. There are over 80 shortcodes, and the installation process can be completed in just two easy steps. As far as the aesthetic appearance is concerned, users can choose between multiple color options and over 600 google fonts. The best part about it is that a theme customizer is available, which assures that every option is just a click away.

Adventurous theme (type: Travelling):

This theme is a perfect fit for travel bloggers. If you are an adrenaline junkie and adventure excites you, your activities, visits and travel experiences can be placed in the public domain in a theme that adds meaning to them. This versatile theme also includes fantastic features and options to help you create an outstanding online presence with this theme. It also includes a powerful theme option that makes theme customization so easy.

GreatMag Theme (type: online magazine):

It is the ideal theme for those trying to make a simple and user-friendly magazine, no matter about what industry the news is about. It can either be used to post general happenings or specific ones. This theme has in-built share buttons, that helps you build a huge follower base. The theme also includes quirky google fonts that attract users. The GreatMag theme has language transition elements that allow you to switch to the language of your viewer. A new ticker is also included on the top of the page that gives a chance to prompt on the breaking news available, It comes along with widgets that help you link most popular articles on your page.

Vantage (type: Business):

This theme is great for any business, especially the ones related to the tech companies. The interesting fact about this theme is that it integrates well with many WordPress plugins, especially WooCommerce. This integration allows you to sell items on the website without facing any problems. The custom background and custom menu allow for brilliant branding opportunities, while the threaded comments assist in building a community where people can chat with you and other followers.

EStore (type: E-Commerce):

This theme is a perfect match for an e-commerce website. The theme has multi-functional abilities which allow adding products to your store. It has multi-language flexibility, multi-currency flexibility, spots for advertisements, membership options, and the ability to showcase different products and categories on the homepage. The past customers can also review their product on the website that helps give credibility to your site. This would increase traffic on your website enormously, which would eventually increase your sales. Take your online store to the next level with eStore, a comprehensive free WordPress theme with WooCommerce integration.

Match (type: Wedding):

A great way to make your weddings special. This theme allows you to upload your pictures. Its responsive layout helps people to easily view it on their phones. Several widgets come along with the Match theme, and you can even create a full blog for keeping guests updated about recent announcements and dates. It also has threaded comments which allow you to chat with other guests who are coming to the wedding.

Olsen (type: Blogging):

If you are a blogger, then this is the theme to die for. It is a clean, robust and easy to use theme, without qualms about a complex frontend. This would make your website look elegant and attract users to click through. Blogging is about making people read your work, and the best way to do it is to serve it simply. So that other side nuances don’t disturb them. This what this theme provides. And it also comes along with social media buttons that redirect users to your facebook or twitter profiles. A perfect way to increase your followers. The full-width template is far more better than any other websites and its responsiveness makes it accessible to the mobile users.  What’s more is that the blog feed is the main focus on the homepage. Therefore, users see stunning featured imagery, large titles, descriptions.

Vega (type: Single page website) :

A visitor feels comfortable to access contents on a web page when it is all available on a single page. It would make him cringey if he had to get redirected for every new information he wanted to access.  Everything is available in a rather cleaner format and is free of all clutter. It also has options available for switching to a multi-page website. The multiple blog feeds can be adjusted by even the most beginner of developers, while the custom CSS module strengthens the prospects for advanced users. The theme has been tested with WooCommerce, allowing you to sell digital and physical products. One interesting feature is that it includes parallax background effect, which we enjoy for grabbing attention with call to actions. This theme has never failed to impress.

Flash (type: Portfolio):

If you are looking for a professional website, or you want to create an office space as we and mentioned in the beginning, this is the theme that we would vouch for. The best thing about it is that it is free, flexible and completely ready for your multipurpose needs. Some of the main features include a built-in drag and drop page builder, which is particularly rare with free themes.The Flash Toolkit plugin combines nicely with the over six widget areas since both of them let you organize your widgets and other website elements for a more comfortable interface.  What’s more is that a full, filterable portfolio comes along with the Flash theme, just in case you plan on wooing clients with your past work.  Along with a full blog, beautiful color options, WooCommerce support, and social buttons, the feature-set for Flash looks better than ever.

All these above-mentioned themes are free to install and are easy to install and customize. But still in case you need some professional help then you can contact us and our team would help you out.