These days querying websites through search engines has become a daily habit. So it is very important to know Ways To be at Top Of Google Search using SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques to rank your web pages/products better on Google and other search engines including bing or yahoo. But whatever the search engine it is, the most important goal is to rank in top results so that our brand/organization is most discoverable by potential consumers. Appearing on the first three pages of the search engines is decisive for the success or failure of your company, which determines its performance. The use search engine optimization techniques and the understanding of ranking are valid for any owner or employee of a company to help attract potential customers. The biggest advantage of SEO is that the optimization techniques are applied organically and without any financial investment.

Research and optimize keywords

In order to be able to achieve a top position of your brand in the search engines, it is necessary to research and understand the relevance of keywords. Working on these triggers raises the search queries number and is a very indicated output. Google Trends or Google AdWords Planner tool allows you to find relevant and most searched keywords throughout the search universe and you can get the best keywords linked to your text. The keyword is one of the pillars for ranking on Google, without the search for that term, it is impossible to get visitors for your content and get a noticeable Clickthrough rate.

Optimize Title of your content

First things first, the main keyword should be inserted in the title of your text. Google ranks better for shorter titles, it should be attractive and should be between 50 and 67 characters long. Thinking about the choice of words in your title is essential for defining the positioning of your content in Top Of Google Search. The Google algorithm that defines content relevance and ranks them, takes the title into consideration as one of the key factors in putting your text at the top of Google searches. If we perform a search and we do not find any results related to the keyword chosen by us, it is of no use to rank it in Google and thus the optimization in search engines will be useless. Creating a good title helps you attract and find content faster by improving your search engine position. A bad title, however, positioned it does not get many clicks. Thinking about the keyword and title better rank its content.

Use meta-tags

The meta-description is a brief description of the content of the page, should have a maximum of 153 characters and explain briefly about its content, it is important to place your keyword in the middle of the short text. Because this tag is not one of Google’s top ranking factors, summarizing does not influence your placement very much, the focus should be on the description of the content that appears during Top Of Google Search to attract more users through search engines. Meta-descriptions should be as attractive as possible.

Adopt Link Building measures

This work consists of getting links to your page and thus having more relevance on the internet and in search sites. There are two types of Link Building techniques that can work in your favor:

Deep Internal Links

Such links are very important, directing you to another page within your site. Internal links help you gain more authority over your company’s content, and it’s still easy to deploy, after all, it’s all about your control. With the internal linking, you can increase the relevance of your page and ensure that the user spends more time on your site. Use this technique carefully, excessive links in a content can have the reverse effect, which makes it difficult to read and ends up generating a greater rejection of the users.

External Links

External links should be placed according to your relationship with the content, only with partnerships and authority on a subject, you will be able to make your site generate and earn external links from other partner brands. The easiest way to adopt this technique is to exchange information with people interested in your content and to create partnerships for the exchange of external links, making a tactic of mutual disclosure, which increases the relevance of both contents.

Consumer Friendly content and navigation

A website with good accessibility and usability is easy to find in the Top Of Google Search. For this, you need to develop a good layout for your website and work on SEO practically together during the creation of your website. After all, it’s of no use having a well-ranked website if users reject your site because its layout is neither attractive nor functional. Likewise, it is not logical to have a website with a very usual and accessible layout and without optimization for Top Of Google Search ranking. One tip to get better rankings in Google is not to load your site from clicks or weigh in the volume of tools and data so that the user can access your content with ease. This may discourage search and hinder better ranking, which considers page indexing as an important factor in ranking.

Improve content quality and size

Google does not rank very well the shorter texts, the content must have at least 300 words to be better considered in the search engines. The texts with 500, 1000 or more words tend to rank better because they present more facts about the subjects covered.

Speed up your website

AMP is certainly helping to speed up the mobile web. Although it is controversial in nature and isn’t necessarily the best solution to improving the speed of websites in general as it just feels like a ‘quick fix’. You do still need to prioritize the speed of your actual site, not just grafting on Google-owned patches. Site speed is a ranking factor, but there are many ways you can improve performance. Check the site speed using this tool and then you can access a report breaking-down where you can improve. Also, optimizing images can also make a huge difference in reducing page load time.