Web development is currently insanely saturated with developers and websites, while tech companies like Apple and Microsoft are pushing towards native apps. Google is the only company that seems like it wants to continue evolving the browser. That being said, web development is still growing and evolving much more quickly than native app technologies. Here are some of the web development speculations that might rule the web development ecosystem. The web’s constantly evolving. Evolve with it, & you’ll never have to worry about a lack of job opportunities.

Progressive Websites

These websites should not be confused with native mobile apps. First of all, they are not web applications at all. These websites appear in the form of a tab in your web browser, and if the browser does not support it, its contents are still displayed in the form of a normal web page.
There are no issues of downloading and updating the web page, since it gets automatically updated, as soon as an internet connection is made. The X-factor of this website is its ability to be displayed offline.
Almost all the dynamic features have been made available to the offline site. The HTML, CSS, Javascript code is all static, and the recent update is cached so that every time you open it in the offline mode, the most recent updated page opens up and is much faster than a web app.
Its plus points are the following:

  • Works offline
  • Faster response
  • Loads instantly
  • Not available in the app store
  • The latest version is accessed without any downloads.



Chatbots are the most useful tools on a website. These assure 24X7 customer helpline on the website, that is tailor-made to deal with any online query that a customer comes up with. This ensures that a customer is satisfied after visiting the website since all replies are programmed as per the FAQ’s a customer might have, which covers the length and breadth of the entire service offered by the website.

Single Page Websites


As long as yours is not a customer service or an -commerce website, single page websites should be the norm.
This avoids all the clutter that is to be seen on a website, gracefully displaying the contents on a single page. This even helps a new internet user to access the functionalities of the website. This simple scrolling down process is a user-friendly interface.

Push up Notifications


Keeping the user engaged is one of the important aspects of web development and that has been achieved by the push-up notifications. Most of the mobile applications have these features and these are slowly creeping into the web environment.
Now, when a user has closed the website from its tab, he can still get side notifications on his system, where he can view any recent updates or changes that have been made on the website he had visited, ensuring an engaging experience.

Motion UI

Static content on websites has stopped being the norm. This vouches for a stale user experience. Now is the trend for a motion UI, which engages the user to click on the websites and view moving animations, whether it be in the form of text, images, video files or music. This will help increase user traffic on the website.

Front end and Back End


With the introduction of Angular 2 (front end) and Laravel (backend). Coding the entire website has become easier because of the many packages and bundles available right now. Due to this developer now, doesn’t have to waste time on writing long lines of code, and coming up with complicated logic as almost everything available in the packages.
Now a developer can delve into a more creative space than the earlier used to, making the websites more modern.

Artificial Intelligence


This technology has become a viral sensation and the most talked about one in this digital world. Recently, Google DeepMind developed AlphaGo bet a professional Go player. Similarly, in the field of web development, a web developer bot will be created which will learn from new websites as and when they are being developed which would make web development just a click away.

Internet Of Things

Internet of things is a technology that involved the connection of non-internet connected things such that they can send and receive information. These things can be kettles, toasters, blenders, and sensors in concrete to detect cracks. While web developers might not be directly connected to developing this technology, they will very much be involved in developing applications that help in their operations. They will also be involved in the analysis and display of data collected from these devices. There are companies that have already started working on APIs that will be used by web developers in communicating with these internet of things devices. Though this technology is expected to be on the rise this year, there is a growing concern about security. It is clear that web developers will have to face a number of challenges especially in protecting these devices from hackers.