So you want to start a blog. You could either go ahead and refer this article from time to time to fill in your blanks if you are an amateur blogger or you could start from the very scratch otherwise. Novice or professional, this article would do good to everyone. The basic rule of blogging is that it should be focussing more on the needs of the audience rather than your own experiences. People often mistake a blogging site as a place where they could share their experiences. Frankly speaking, no one is interested in your lives. Their interest lies in the connection they have with your lives, and the rich experiences you’ve had should strengthen that connection rather than loosening them. If you are a topic-specific blogger or a general blogger, doesn’t matter, the key is in holding the audiences together rather than withering them away for good.

This article would be mainly focussing on the blog aesthetics which go ahead as a general blog template that professional bloggers follow all over the world plus a few titbits on the matter of your blog. Since you know, it is very very important to maintain standards. Because without standards, your blog would simply but remain a mere document.

Before we start a few FAQ’s to ponder your mind:

Why Start a Blog?

Spilling out ideas is the need every person holds in him. Bottling them up, only makes him more impatient and crazy. But ideas are not meant to be given to people who don’t heed them. Hence a proper documentation is required for them. And ideas are not static that comes once in a lifetime, they are random and would come to you from time to time.

Again for which you don’t need a static documentation, but rather a dynamic one. Sometimes new ideas would replace the existing ones and hence need necessary edits from time to time. All these events need a proper platform to hold them. This platform is made available in the form of a ‘blog’.

How much does a blog cost?

Usually, it works out to somewhere around $5 – $10 a month recurring cost which include domain and hosting cost. People blog for years on this budget. As your blog and income grow you can eventually start paying for more premium tools and services, but they are not required to start.

Can you start a blog for free?

Yes surely you can,  but only if you want to do this as a hobby. But if you are serious about making this as your career, you need to let loose your pockets for starters.

How to Start a Blog in 4 easy steps:

  1. Choose a great blog platform
  2. Choose a web host for your blog.
  3. How to set up a blog on your own domain
  4. Design your new blog

So these steps would do the needful for you. So without further ado let us go ahead with step 1.

Step1- Choose your preferred blogging platform

Choosing where to build your blog is pretty much the first step that any blogger needs to do and usually does. A good blog is judged by the platform it is made upon. So skipping all the steps, WordPress is the best platform on which one needs to blog on. This platform has gazillions of plugins to choose from plus many themes suitable to your taste. The reasons as to why you should use WordPress are as follows:

  1. It is free of cost
  2. It has a dedicated forum where help will be provided as and when you get stuck.
  3. There would people available to guide you.
  4. There are many discussion forums and threads along with areas available for commenting and liking your content.
  5. Your blog will be insanely fast and would look picture perfect.

And plus there are about 82 million users on it to prove its worth. And if you are interested in other blogging platforms, Blogger and Tumblr are wonderful options.

Step2- Choosing a web host

You might want to start a blog for free. But it comes with major drawbacks. We are not discouraging you from starting a free blog, but you eventually would want to switch to a blog that gets more traffic.

Firstly, while writing a free blog, the access to the images and content would be limited and you would sometimes even not be able to get a free theme from WordPress. And your blog won’t be ‘your’ blog anymore as it would be hosted on someone else’s website and the owner could even delete your blog from the website. Also, the links that you would be provided would be super ugly, what we mean is … super ugly like , .etc.

All these drawbacks would definitely shift your interest towards hosting your own website, whose name appears in the form of which would look more neat and appealing, and no one is going to have control over it except you. Now you would truly own your website, just for a few dollars. This investment would surely not go to waste.

Step 3: What is a domain name and a hosting server

By now questions like how to host a blog, what is a host and domain name etc. might be popping in your mind. We have the answer to all your troubling queries. A hosting server has many websites available on it that it hosts, for which space has been provided for on their server, just like a hotel with its many rooms. Imagine your website to be the room and the host to be the hotel. Now, what is this creature called domain name doing in the hotel? Well, you can’t enter your room until you have been designated one, this designation would be possible only if the room has a number and this number is nothing but the domain name.  If you want to be hosted in the room, you need to pay something to the hotel, similarly here you need to pay some amount to the hosting web server for your website to be hosted. Plus here you even pay for the domain name.  Usually, these two services are separately provided. Now things might be looking less cloudy and more interesting.

Although, We suggest using the services of iPage which along with space offers you a domain name for free. Most of all it comes along with a one-click WordPress button in the admin panel. So you just need to login into iPage and apply for the services and upload the WordPress functionality into the admin panel. Once WordPress is installed on your website, all you have to do to start blogging is go to your WP-Admin page usually and start writing by adding a new post.

Step4: Designing your WordPress blog

Now comes the fun part, painting your canvas. In short, the stage is all set, let’s get the ball rolling. To choose a theme, you could either download a free theme from Appearance> Themes on WordPress or could choose a paid theme from Make sure that your theme suits your personality and defines who you are. At the same time, it should be user-friendly, easy to scroll over and in line with the topic you are writing about. After all this, there is only as much as you can do, since the design is subjective and you are not here to please everyone. But a website is likely to get an audience if it is neatly displayed and easy to scroll over. Nobody wants to view an ugly and difficult website. Make sure that these two prerequisites are looked after and lo!!!!! your website is standardized. After doing this, you can let your creative juices flow.

Well regarding the content of your blog, we have given a little briefing on it at the beginning of the article. For further help, you can contact our team and we would provide the necessary assistance. Hope you got to learn something new.

That’s All Folks!!!!!